One way of generating spam

This showed up today in the comments that Akismet flagged for spam:

{Photo|Picture|Photograph|Image|Photography|Snapshot|Shot|Pic|Photographic|Graphic|Pics} {credit|credit score|credit rating|credit history|credit ratings|consumer credit|credit ranking|credit standing|consumer credit rating|credit scores|credit worthiness}: {AP|Elp} | {FILE|Document|Record|Report|Data file|Submit|Computer file|Data|Register|Archive|Database} #file_links\keywords1.txt,1,S] {-|–|:|*|( space )|( blank )|,|To|. . .|And|As} {In this|Within this|On this|With this|In this particular|During this|In such a|Through this|From this|In that|This particular} {O|To|A|E|I|U|} #file #file_links\keywords2.txt,1,S] _links\keywords3.txt,1,S] ct. {7|Seven|Several|6|8|Six|5|Five|9|Eight|10}, {2012|Next year}, {file|document|record|report|data file|submit|computer file|data|register|archive|database} {photo|picture|photograph|image|photography|snapshot|shot|pic|photographic|graphic|pics}, {Chicago|Chi town|Chicago, il|Detroit|Dallas|Chicago, illinois|Philadelphia|Los angeles|Denver|Chicagoland|Miami} {Bears|Has|Contains|Holds|Carries|Provides|Offers|Includes|Teddy bears|Requires|Features} {middle|center|midsection|midst|heart|centre|core|mid|central|middle section|middle of the} linebacker {Brian|John|Mark} Urlacher {watches|wrist watches|timepieces|designer watches|wristwatches|different watches|pieces|running watches|looks after|monitors|devices} {from the|in the|from your|through the|on the|with the|within the|belonging to the|out of the|out of your|of your} {sideline|part time} {during the|throughout the|through the|in the|over the|while in the|within the|all through the|through|usually in the|within} {second half|other half|better half|lover|wife or husband|partner|loved one} {of an|of the|of your|associated with an|connected with an|of|of any|of each|associated with the|of some|associated with} {NFL|National football league|American footbal|Football|Nhl|Nba} {football|soccer|sports|basketball|baseball|hockey|footballing|rugby|nfl|golf|nfl football} {game|sport|video game|online game|recreation|activity|match|adventure|gameplay|performance|gaming} {against the|from the|up against the|contrary to the|resistant to the|about the|with the|on the|versus the|with|around the} {Jacksonville Jaguars|Gambling} {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} {Jacksonville|The city of jacksonville|The town of jacksonville}, Fla. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} {Bears|Has|Contains|Holds|Carries|Provides|Offers|Includes|Teddy bears|Requires|Features} {announced|introduced|declared|released|reported|proclaimed|publicised|publicized|launched|revealed|stated} {on|upon|about|in|with|for|regarding|concerning|at|relating to|on the subject of} {Wednesday|Thursday|Friday|Wed|Saturday|Sunday|Mondy|Monday|The following friday|The following thursday|Tuesday}, {March|03|Goal|Drive|Walk|April|Mar|Strut|Next month|May|Celebration} {20|Twenty|Something like 20|30|Thirty|10|21|19|More than 20|20 or so|22}, {20|Twenty|Something like 20|30|Thirty|10|21|19|More than 20|20 or so|22} #file_links\keywords4.txt,1,S] {13|Thirteen|Tough luck|12|14|15|10}, {that they were|that they are|them to be|they were} {unable to|not able to|struggling to|can not|struggle to|cannot|incapable of|helpless to|struggles to|could not|canrrrt} {reach|achieve|attain|get to|accomplish|arrive at|access|obtain|get through to|contact|grasp} {a contract|an agreement|a legal contract|a binding agreement|binding agreement|legal contract|a partnership|an understanding|a|a deal} {agreement|contract|arrangement|deal|understanding|settlement|commitment|binding agreement|legal contract|transaction|decision} {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} Urlacher, {who is|who’s|that is|that’s|who’s going to be|who will be|who may be|who might be|who seems to be|who is responsible for|the person} {an|a good|a great|the|a|a strong|some sort of|a powerful|a particular|any|an excellent} unre #file_links\keywords5.txt,1,S] stricted {free|totally free|free of charge|no cost|cost-free|absolutely free|zero cost|100 % free|complimentary|free of cost|no charge} {agent|broker|realtor|adviser|representative|real estate agent|professional|advisor|solution|dealer|factor} {for the first time|the very first time|the first time|initially|in my ballet shoes|somebody in charge of|at last|now|responsible for|as a beginner|there’s finally someone} {in his|in the|as part of his|in their|within his|in her|within the|in|on his|during his|with his} {career|profession|job|occupation|vocation|employment|work|professional|livelihood|position|line of work}. ({AP|Elp} Photo/Phelan {M|Michael|Meters|Mirielle|L|T|D|N|E|S|R}. Ebenhack, {File|Document|Record|Report|Data file|Submit|Computer file|Data|Register|Archive|Database})

One thought on “One way of generating spam

  1. Here’s another one:

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    ?lease r?ply back a? ?’m {loo?ing to|try?ng t?|planning to|w?nt?ng to|hoping to|attempting
    t?} ?re?te {my own|my very own|m? own per?onal} {blog|webs?te|s?te} an?
    {would lik? to|??nt to|would love to} {kn?w|l?a?n|find ?ut} wh?r? you got
    this fr?m or {what the|exactly ?hat th?|ju?t ?hat the} theme {i? ?alled|is
    named}. {?h?n?s|?an? than?s|?hank ?ou|Ch??r?|Appr?ciate ?t|Kud?s}!|
    {?i th?re|Hello the?e|Ho?dy}!

    This {post|art?cle|blog ?ost} {couldn’t|could not} be wr?tten {any bett?r|much bett?r}!

    {R?ad?ng th?ough|Lo?king at|Going th?ough|L??king thr?ugh} thi?
    {po?t|article} ?eminds m? of my
    previou? roommate! He {always|c?n?tantly|?ontinu?lly} ?e?t {tal?ing about|?reaching ?bout} this.
    {I will|I’ll|I am g?ing to|? m?st ?ertainly ??ll} {forward|??n?} {this ??ticl?|this info?mation|this p?st} to h?m.

    {Pr?tt? sure|Fairly ce?t?in}
    {he will|he’ll|he’? g??ng t?} {h?v? a g???|hav? a very good|have a great} ?ead.
    {Thank you f?r|Than?s fo?|Many thanks fo?|?
    appreciate you f?r} ?h??ing!|
    Th?s blog lo??s {exactly|?ust} li?? my old ?ne!

    It’s on a {com?letely|entirely|totally} diff?r?nt {t?pi?|?ub?e?t} but
    it h?s pretty much th? same {la?out|page l??out} and design.

    {Excellent|W?nderful|Great|Outstand?ng|Superb} ?h?ice
    of ??lor?!|
    {There is|Th??e’s} {definat?ly|certainly} {a lot to|? gre?t deal to} {know ?bout|lea?n about|fin? ?ut ab?ut} this {sub?ect|topi?|issue}.
    {I like|I love|I re?lly like} {all the|all of the} points
    {??u made|?ou’ve ma?e|y?u have made}.|
    {You m?de|??u’ve made|Y?u h??e m??e} some {decent|go?d|?eally goo?} p?ints th?re.
    ? {l?o?ed|?he?ke?} {on th?
    inte?net|on the ??b|on th? n?t} {f?r
    mor? info|fo? more inf??mation|to f?nd out more|to learn mo??|for a?dit??n?l information}
    about the issue and found {most ?ndividu?ls|mo?t
    pe?ple} w?ll g? along with your v???s on {this website|th?s sit?|th?s web ?ite}.|
    {Hi|?ello|Hi there|Wh?t’s u?}, I {log on to|?h?ck|read} you? {new stuff|blogs|blog} {regul?rly|l?ke every week|daily|on a ?egular b?si?}.

    ??u? {story-telling|writing|humoristic} ?tyl? is {awe?ome|witty}, ??ep {?oing what you’re ?oing|up the good ????|?t up}!|
    I {simply|ju?t} {could not|couldn’t} {le??e|de?a?t|g? away}
    ?our {sit?|web s?te|website} {p?i?r to|befo?e} ?uggesting
    that I {r?ally|??tremely|?ctually} {enj?y?d|lo?ed} {the st?ndard|the usual} {information|info}
    {a person|an ind?vidual} {supply|p?ovid?} {for you?|on your|?n ??ur|to your} {visito?s|gue?t?}?
    ?s {go?ng to|gonna} be {b?ck|again} {fr?qu?ntly|?egularly|?ncess?ntly|?teadily|cea?elessl?|often|continuously}
    {in order to|to} {che?k u? on|?heck out|?ns?ect|?nvest?g?te cross-che??} n?w ?osts|
    {? ?ant?d|I need??|I w?nt to|I nee? to} t? th?nk you f?r this {gr?at|e?c?ll?nt|fanta?t??|wond?rful|good|very good} read!!

    ? {d?finitel?|certainly|ab?olutely} {?n?oyed|love?} e??ry {l?ttle b?t
    ?f|bit ?f} it. {I have|I’ve got|I have got} you {bo?km?rked|book marked|boo?-ma?k??|s?ved a? a
    favorite} {to ?heck out|to look ?t} ne? {stuff you|thing? y?u} ???t…|
    {Hi|?ello|H? there|What’? up}, just w?nted to {mention|say|tell y?u}, I {?njoyed|l?ked|l?ved} thi? {a?ticl?|p?st|blog p?st}.
    It was {ins?iring|funny|p??ctical|hel?ful}.
    K?e? ?n p?sting!|
    ? {{leave|d?op|{write|??eate}} a {comment|l?ave a ?esp?ns?}|d?op a {comment|lea?e a response}|{comm?nt|le?v? ?
    ?esp?nse}} {???h tim?|?hen|?henev?r} I {a?preciate|l??e|espec?all? enjoy} a
    {p?st|?rticle} on ? {site|{blog|w?bsit?}|site|w?bsit?} ?? {I h?ve|if I hav?} someth?ng to {ad?|?ont?ibut?|valuable to cont?ibut?} {to th? ?i??u?sion|to the c?nversation}.
    {It is|Usuall? it is|U?ually it’s|It’s} {? result of|trigger?d
    b?|cau??d b?} th? {passion|fire|sincernes?} {c?mmun?cate?|displ??ed} ?n the {post|?rt?cle} ? {?e?d|lo??ed at|b?owsed}.
    And {on|after} thi? {post|?rticle} One way of g?nerating s??m ? ?e?hn?l?gy and langu?g?.
    I {{wa?|?as a?tuall?} mov??|{?as|was
    actually} excited} ?n?ugh to {d?op|{l?a?e|drop|{?rit?|?r?ate}}|post} ? {th?ught|{comment|{?omment|l?ave a r??p?n?e}? respons?}} {:
    -P|:)|;)|;-)|:-)} I {?o h?ve|actually ?o have} {{s?me|a fe?} question?|?
    ?ouple ?f questi?ns|2 qu?stions} f?? you {if ?ou
    {?on’t|do n?t|u?ually do
    not|ten? not t?} mind|if ?t’s {allright|o?ay}}.
    {I? it|?oul? ?t be} {?ust|?nly|simpl?} me or {do|??es ?t {?e?m|ap?ear|give the imp?es???n|lo?k|look as if|look like} like} {some|a f?w} of {th?|these} {c?mm?nt?|?espon?es|remarks} {look|app?ar|??m?
    across} {lik? they ar?|as if the? a?e|like} {?oming
    from|written by|l?ft by} b?ain de?? {??ople|vis?to??|f?lk?|indivi?uals}?
    😛 ?n?, if you are {p?sting|w?iting} {on|at} {?the?|?ddition?l} {sit?s|?ocial s?t??|onlin?
    ?it??|online so?i?l s?t??|places}, {I’d|I would} li?e to {f?llow|??ep up with} {y?u|{anything|e?erything} {ne?|fresh} you hav? to ?o?t}.
    {Could|W?uld} ??u {list|make a li?t}
    {all|ev??y on?|the complete urls} of {?our|?ll y?u?} {social|?ommunal|?ommun?t?|?ublic|sh?red} {pages|s?te?} l?ke ??u? {twitt?r
    fe?d, Facebo?k page o? linkedin pr?file|linked?n profile, Fa?ebo?k page ?r twitt?? f?e?|F?ceb?o? page, tw?tte? fee?, o? linke?in ?rof?le}?|
    {Hi there|?ello}, I enjoy re??ing {?ll ?f|through} you? {a?ticle|p?st|a?ticle ?ost}.
    ? {like|want?d} t? ??it? ? little ?omment to support you.|
    ? {?lw??s|constantly|???ry
    time} spent my half an hour to re?d thi? {blog|?ebl?g|webpage|webs?te|web
    s?t?}’s {arti?le?|p?sts|articl?s ?r re?i?ws|content} {every?a?|??il?|eve?y da?|all th? t?me}
    along with a {?up|mug} of coffee.|
    I {always|f?r all tim?|all th? time|?on?t?ntly|ev?r?
    t?m?} email?d this {blog|weblog|??b?ag?|?eb??t?|web
    sit?} post page to all m? {friends|assoc?ates|c?nt?cts}, {because|?ince|as|f?? th? r?a?on that} if l?ke t? r??d it {then|after that|ne?t|aft?r??rd} my {friends|links|?ontact?} will
    My {co?e?|???grammer|developer} is
    try?ng to {persuad?|con??nce} me t? mo?e
    t? .net from PHP. I have al??ys ???like? the
    id?a becau?e of the {expen?es|c?sts}.
    But he’s tr?iong n?n? the less.
    I’ve been using {?ovable-t?pe|WordPress} ?n {? number ?f|a v?r?ety of|num?rous|s?v?ral|?a?i?us} web?ite?
    for about a yea? and am {nervous|anxious|wo??ied|?on?erne?} ?bout switch?ng
    to anothe? ?latform. I have he?rd {fantastic|ve?y good|excellent|g?eat|good} things ?bout blogeng?
    ?s th?re a w?y I can {tr?nsfe?|imp?rt} all my wordpre?s {?ont?nt|?osts} into it?
    {?ny kind ?f|Any} help ?oul? be {?eally|gr?atly} app??ciate?!|
    {Hell?|H?|?ello th?r?|?i there|H?wdy|Good day}!
    I c?uld hav? swo?n I’ve {been to|?is?ted} {th?? blog|this ??b s?te|this ?ebs?te|this s?te|?our
    blog} b?fore but after {b???sing through|going
    through|looking ?t} {some of the|? f?w of th?|many of
    the} {po?ts|a?ticles} I realiz?d ?t’s new to me.
    {?nyways|?nyh?w|Noneth?les?|Regar?le??}, I’m {?efinitely|certa?nl?} {hap?y|ple?sed|delighted} {I foun?|I d?scov?r?d|I came acr??s|I stumbled
    upon} ?t and I’ll be {bookma?king|bo??-marking}
    it an? ?hecking back {frequently|regularl?|often}!|
    {Terrific|Great|Wonderful} {arti?le|wo??}!

    {This i?|?hat is} {the type ?f|the kind of} {inf??m?ti?n|?nfo} {that are m?ant to|that are
    supposed to|th?t should} be sha?ed {?round th?|?cro?s the}
    {?eb|?nte?net|net}. {Disgr??e|?hame} ?n {the {?eek|s?arch} ?ng?n??|G?ogle}
    for {no? not|not|n? l?nge?} ?ositioning this {p?st|submit|?ubli?h|put
    up} {uppe?|h?gh?r}! Come on over ?n? {talk o?er
    with|?i??us? with|seek advice from|visit|consult w?th} m?
    {s?te|w?b site|website} . {Thank you|Th?nks} =)|
    ?e?a {i’m|i am} for the first time here.
    I {came across|found} this boa?? an? I fin? It {t?uly|r?ally} us?ful & it helped me
    out {a lot|mu?h}. I ho?e to g?v? ?omething b??k and {help|aid} others li?e you {helped|a??e?}
    {Hi|Hell?|Hi the??|?ello th?re|Ho??y|Gr?etings}, {I think|? belie?e|I do believe|I do think|There’s no doubt th?t} {you? s?te|?our ?ebsite|y?ur web site|y?ur bl?g} {m?ght b?|m?y be|?ould be|coul? pos??bly be}
    h?ving {browse?|int?rnet b?o?ser|w?b browser} ?ompat?bil?ty {is?ue?|?roblems}.
    {Wh?n ?|Wh?ne?er I} {look at your|take a look at your} {website|?eb site|??te|blog} in Safari, ?t look? fin?
    {but when|howe?er when|howev?r, if|ho?ev?r, when} opening in {?nte?net
    Explor?r|?E|I.E.}, {?t ha?|it’s got}
    some ?ve?lapping issu?s. {I just|I simpl?|I merely} w?nt?d to {give you a|provide y?u
    with ?} qui?k he??s up! {Other than
    th?t|A?art from that|?e????s that|A?i?e from th?t}, {f?nt?stic|wond?rful|gr?at|e??ellent}
    {A ?e?s?n|?ome?ne|S?m?b?d?} {nece???rily|es??ntially} {len? a hand|h?lp|a?sist} t? mak? {????ousl?|cr?t?cally|signif?c?ntly|s?v?rel?}
    {a?t??le?|posts} {I ?ould|I might|I’?} state.

    {This is|Th?t ??} the {f?r?t|very
    fi??t} time I f?equented your {web page|website ?ag?} and {t? this po?nt|s? far|thus
    far|up to no?}? ? {amazed|surpris?d} ??th the {rese?rch|?naly??s} y?u made to {cre?te|m???} {th?s actual|thi? part?cul?r} {post|submit|?ubl?sh|put up} {incredibl?|amazing|?xt?aor?inary}.
    {Gr?at|Won??rful|Fanta?tic|Magnif?cent|E???llent} {task|?r?cess|activity|job}!|
    Heya {?’m|i ?m} for {the p?imar?|the first} time he?e.
    I {came ?cross|found} thi? b?ard and
    ? {in finding|find|to find} It {trul?|reall?}
    {useful|helpful} & it helped me out {? lot|mu?h}.
    {I am hop?ng|I hop?|I’m h??ing} {to giv?|to offer|to provi?e|t? present} {something|?ne thing} {b?c?|again} an? {h?lp|ai?} oth??s {li?e
    ?ou|?uch ?s you} {helped|ai?ed} m?.|
    {H?llo|Hi|H?ll? th?re|H? there|?owdy|Good da?|?ey there}!
    {? just|I sim?ly} {woul? like to|?ant to|?ish to} {giv? you a|?ffer you a} {huge|big} thumbs u?
    {for the|for you?} {gre?t|e??ellent} {info|information}
    {you have|you’ve got|?ou have got} {he??|r?ght here} on this p?st.
    {I will be|I’ll be|I am} {?om?ng b?c? to|returning to} {??ur blog|?our s?t?|your ??b?it?|y?ur w?b site} for more
    I {always|all the tim?|e?ery time} us?? to
    {re??|?tudy} {?rt?cle|post|p?ec? of writing|paragr??h} in news pap?rs but now as ?
    am a u?er of {?nte?n?t|web|n?t} {so|thu?|therefore} f?om now I am u?ing n?t for {a?t?cles|p?sts|articles o?
    r??iews|cont?nt}, th?nk? t? w?b.|
    ?our {w?y|metho?|means|mode} of {describing|explaining|telling} {???r?th?ng|all|th? wh?le thing} ?n this {a?ticle|???t|piece of writing|parag???h} i? {really|a?tuall?|in fa?t|trul?|g?nuinel?} {n??e|pl?asant|g???|fastidi?us}, {all|?very one} {c?n|be abl? to|b? ?a?abl? of} {ea?ily|?ithout diff?culty|?ffo?tle?sl?|simply} {understand|know|b? a?a?e of} it, Than?s a lot.|
    {H?|H?ll?} th??e, {I found|I ?iscovered}
    y?u? {blog|??bsit?|w?b ?ite|site} {by mean? of|via|by the use ?f|b? way
    ?f} Go?gle {at the ?ame t?me a?|?hilst|ev?n
    as|?h?le} {se?r?hing fo?|looking for}
    a {?imil?r|comparabl?|rel?ted} {topic|m?tter|sub??ct}, your {s?te|web site|?ebsite}
    {got h??e|came} up, ?t {look?|app?ars|s?ems|?e?ms to be|??pea?s t? be li?e}
    {goo?|great}. {I h?ve|I’ve} bookmarked ?t in my g?ogle bookm?rks.

    {Hell?|??} th?r?, {simply|ju?t} {turned into|became|w?s|be?ome|?h?nged ?nto} {a?are of|alert
    to} your {blog|weblog} {th?u|through|via} Google, {and found|an? l?cated} that {?t i?|?t’?} {reall?|truly} informative.

    {?’m|I am} {gonna|g?ing to} {?atch
    out|be car?ful} f?r b?uss?ls.
    {I will|?’ll} {apprec?ate|be grateful} {if
    y?u|should you|when you|in the ?vent you|in case you|for
    tho?e wh?|if you ha?pen to} {c?nt?nu?|proceed} this {in future}.
    {A l?t of|Lot? of|Many|Num?rous} {other f?l?s|f?lks|?th?r p??ple|pe?ple} {will b?|shall
    be|might be|w?ll probabl? be|can be|will
    l?kely b?} benefite? {fr?m you?|out of your} ?riting.

    {I ?m|I’m} curi?u? t? find out what bl?g
    {sy?tem|platf?rm} {you have been|you happen to
    be|you a?e|you’re} {working ?ith|utilizing|using}?
    I’m {?x?erienc?ng|having} ?ome {mino?|sm?ll} secu?ity {?roblems|?ssues} w?th my l?te?t {sit?|websit?|bl?g}
    and {I w?ul?|I’?} li?e t? find ?omething m?r?
    D? y?u h?ve any {solutions|?uggestions|r?commendation?}?|
    {? am|I’m} {extr?mely|really} impres?ed
    with your w?iting s?ills {an? also|as well as} with the layout ?n ??u? {blog|weblog}.
    Is this a pa?d th?me o? did you {?ustomize|modify} it ?ourself?
    {Either w?y|Any?a?} ?eep up the {nic?|excellent} quality writing, {it’s|?t is} rar?
    to see a {nice|gre?t} blog like th?s one {th?se days|nowa?ays|today}.|
    {? am|?’m} {e?tremely|really} {inspired|impre?sed} {with your|tog?th?r ?ith your|along with ?ou?} writ?ng {talents|s??ll?|abilities} {and
    also|?s {?martly|well|neatly} as} ?ith the {l?y?ut|f??mat|structu?e} {for y?ur|?n y?ur|in your|to
    y?ur} {blog|??blog}. {Is th?s|??
    that this} a ?aid {?ubje?t|to??c|subje?t m?tter|th?me} o? d?d you {customiz?|modify} it {?ourself|your ?elf}?
    {Either wa?|Any?a?} {?t?y|keep} u? the {ni?e|excellent} {qu?lity|h?gh qual?ty} writing, {it’?|it
    is} {r?re|uncommon} {to p??r|to see|to look} ? {nice|great} {blog|weblog} l??e th?s one {thes? days|nowa??ys|today}..|
    {Hi|?ello}, Neat post. {Th?r? ?s|Ther?’s} {? problem|?n issue} {with your|together
    ??th your|al?ng w?th your} {site|web
    site|website} in {inte?net|web} ?x?l??e?, {m?y|might|c?uld|w?ul?} {che?k|test} this?

    I? {still|noneth?les?} ?s the {marketpla?e|mark?t} {l?ade?|?hief} and
    {a larg?|a go?d|a big|? huge} {pa?t
    of|section ?f|?omponent to|?ortion of|compon?nt of|element of} {oth??
    folks|f?lks|?the? ?eo?le|???ple} will {l??ve out|om?t|mis?|?ass ??er} your {great|wonderful|fantasti?|m?gnificent|e?c?llent} ?riting {?ue
    to|because of} thi? problem.|
    {I’m|I am} not sure where {you are|y?u’re} getting ?our {info|info?mation},
    but {good|gre?t} top?c. I nee?s to s?end ??me tim? lea?ning {mo?e|much more} or unde??tand?ng m?re.

    Thanks for {gr?at|w?nd?rful|fantast?c|magnif??ent|e??ellent} {inf?rm?tion|?nfo} I ?as
    looking for this {?nf?rmati?n|?nfo} f?r my mission.|
    {H?|?ello}, ? th?nk that i saw y?u v?sited
    m? {blog|w?bl?g|??bsite|?eb site|s?t?} {so|thus} ? came t? “?etu?n the f??o?”.{I ?m|I’m}
    {trying to|attempting to} find things t? {im??o?e|enhance} my {website|sit?|web sit?}!I supp??e its o?
    t? u?e {some of|a few of} your ?dea?!!\

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