This week in category fights, May 19

Dealbreaker’s Jon Shazar reassures us by excluding Green Cannabis from the category of “marijuana hedge fund,” contrary to its earlier inclusion by HedgeCo. It’s just a privately traded manufacturing company – of cookies and candy made with marijuana. But hedge funds might invest in it! It’s not clear where these would be sold.

ExtremeTech’s Sebastian Anthony wanted to include the World Press Photo of the Year in the category of “fake,” labeling it as a danger, and Foreign Policy’s Dana Stuster even wants to exclude it from the category of “photo,” on the grounds that it’s a bait-and-switch.

Ring of Fire Radio’s Joshua De Leon wants to transfer the Food and Drug Administration’s “510(k) expedited approval” from the category of “approval” into the category of “rubber stamp,” labeling it because it constitutes a bait-and-switch allowing dangerous products like Boston Scientific’s defective “Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit” (ow) to be marketed without necessary oversight.

CBS DC’s Chris Lingebach reports that NFL analyst Jason La Canfora speculates – hypothetically! – that Washington Capitals hockey team captain Alex Ovechkin isn’t really a team captain. By excluding Ovechkin from the category of “team captain,” he accuses him of playing a bait-and-switch on his team.

Mexican food authenticity fetishism of the week: Gawker’s Caity Weaver wants to exclude Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco from the category of “taco” on a slippery slope argument, because hey, you could just put a marble in your hand and have a hand taco! Newser sums it up.

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