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The cama suite life

I was chatting with a friend today about long-distance travel. I mentioned how I’ve taken a number of overnight bus, train and ferry trips, and he told me about bus travel in his home country of Argentina. Turns out that there are

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Oxford, England, Bus Rider’s Paradise?

(Photo from The Oxford and Chilterns Bus Page.) I’m writing this from a bus. Nothing particularly special about bringing a laptop on a bus, but in this case my laptop has full AC power from an outlet under the window seat. I

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Prestige and buses

Despite what some may think, there is a certain amount of prestige attached to riding a bus in New York City. I’ve made that observation in blog comments before, on Streetsblog and more recently on the Overhead Wire, but I think it

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From Bus to Subway in Kew Gardens

On Tuesday night, June 2, I will be attending the first Queens Bus Rapid Transit workshop in Jackson Heights. Here’s a proposal I will be bringing with me. “Bus rapid transit” is no more than the sum of its parts, and many

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Eh Curitiba!

Being a transit geek and spending an inordinate amount of time reading Streetsblog, I’m well aware of the city of Curitiba, Brazil, famed as a pioneer of Bus Rapid Transit. I’ve even translated an article about Curitiba’s plans to build an elevated