Trolleys may return to the streets of Curitiba

Bondes podem voltar a circular em Curitiba. Parana Online, July 3, 2009. Electric trolleys that plied the streets of Curitiba in the first half of the 20th Century may return to carry passengers in the downtown area. A city project aims to


Coming soon to Bamako: a minibus ring and a busway

Lanes will be set aside for these mass transit modes in order to decrease congestion downtown. Circulation ? Bamako : BIENT?T UN ANNEAU SOTRAMA ET UN COULOIR BUS. L. DIARRA, May 7, 2008. The scene takes place in the area around the

Background, Better Buses

The cama suite life

I was chatting with a friend today about long-distance travel. I mentioned how I’ve taken a number of overnight bus, train and ferry trips, and he told me about bus travel in his home country of Argentina. Turns out that there are


City selects a logo for the Curitiba Metro

Five teams are working on the alignment for the first line. Prefeitura define a marca do Metr? Curitibano, Edson Fonseca, Jornale Curitiba. The logo of the Curitiba Metro can already be seen on the streets of this city, on the uniforms and