Spatial narratives

Jarrett Walker has another thought-provoking post up, this time on spatial vs. narrative navigators, linking to a magazine article that gives more background. In the comments, Russ links to a paper(PDF) about the effect that the Tube Map has on people’s mental


Gertrude Stein on Paris

I found this book in the library. To be honest I didn’t get into it enough to finish it before I had to bring it back, but there were a few good quotes. The first one relates to this post from the


More to see in Greater Paris

First, a little background about how I came to find all these magical places in Greater Paris: some thanks is due to SUNY Stony Brook, which ran the study abroad program. They put us up in the Cit? Universitaire and gave us


Exploring Greater Paris

In the comments to my previous post about Greater Paris, Alon Levy traces the Parisian fear of the suburbs to Baron Haussmann, who in 1865 demolished much of the proletarian city to make room for bourgeois housing. But before that the suburbs


Masters of their own domain

Urban transit is a major hazard in Santo Domingo; vehicles destroyed. Due?os del pa?s …en las suyas. October 9, 2009. Teofilo Bonilla, El Nacional. Photo: Justo Maracallo The “surprise stoppage” that was carried out by the National Transportation Federation, New Option (Fenatrano)


In praise of Greater Paris

Jarrett Walker read my translation of the Le Monde interview with Roland Castro, and picked up on a good quote: “The urban question has never been seen by intellectuals as central because this marvelous Paris, the Paris of Baudelaire, it’s their Paris.”