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What real demotorization looks like

Photo by Mary Teresa Giancoli, Crisma Imaging In May, Cap’n Transit highlighted this quote from J.H. Crawford: Once the last car disappears from the street, it becomes a playground for people of all ages. This can be seen any day in Venice


Translation, metonymy and motors

Yesterday featured a Copenhagenize post about “Demotorization as a lifestyle choice.” Blogger Mikael was particularly enamored of the word “demotorization” used by Associated Press business writer Yuri Kageyama in January to describe a trend where “many twenty-somethings in Japan aren’t interested


Some background on the Kayes Bridge article

Taxi bus in Libreville, Gabon, by Yves Soulabaille for Editions ETAI Last week on the World Streets blog, sustainable transport advocate Eric Britton writes, John Ernst, a long time sustainable transport colleague and ITDP Vice Director, Southeast Asia, writes that he finds


Foreign exchange: an economic opportunity goes bust

Bridge and ford at Kayes, by Jacques Taberlet for Wikimedia ECHANGES – Un d?bouch? ?conomique en panne, Mohamed Gueye, Le Quotidien, July 6, 2009. The demolition of the Kayes bridge hurts Senegalese businesses For almost two months, traffic between Senegal and Mali