PT: Project to transform busways

Projeto vai transformar as canaletas. Bem Paran?.

Curitiba, March 3, 2009 – The construction of the new subway in Curitiba will transform the canaletas, lanes currently used exclusively for the system of bi-articulated express buses, into a grand communal space. Dubbed “Vias Parques,” the current busways will be given over to an extensive network of pedestrian and cyclist greenways with trees and playgrounds. The subway will run under the canaletas, and the place where buses run today will be dedicated to people.

This innovative concept for the integration of the subway in Curitiba, retaining priority for mass transit while elevating the status of pedestrians and cyclists, was conceived during the preliminary studies for the subway system, conducted in 2005 in cooperation with the Brazilian Urban Railway Corporation (CBTU). These studies also indicated the alignment for the new mode (the North and South Axes), the length (22 kilometers), the number of stations (21 to 23) and the construction method (mostly cut-and-cover). The first line of the subway, from Santa C?ndida to the South Industrial Zone (CIC Sul), will be 22 kilometers long, of which 19 kilometers will be underground. This Blue Line is expected to serve roughly 500,000 passengers at the outset.