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Portuguese Transportation News: Curitiba Elevated Metro

Getting to know the elevated metro

Mayor Cassio Taniguchi intends to implement, in the next five years, an elevated metro in Curitiba.  In the first stage, the project will be installed on BR Route 116; this will be thirteen kilometers of one of the most modern transportation systems in the country.  Envisioned as an elevated metro, one of the systems under study for Curitiba uses concrete beams as a guideway for high-capacity trains.  BR 116 will be transformed into a unique space in the city, a beautiful boulevard with landscaping and a new layout that will herald a new era in Curitiba.

With this system hitherto unseen in Brazil, Curitiba’s new high-capacity transportation system will handle 183 thousand passengers per day.  The revenues will be dedicated to the Union.  The financing will be done by the JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation), an organization dedicated to international projects that will improve the environment.

Systems under study

One of the systems under study is the monorail.  These are four-car trains that can transport 415 passengers at a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour.  The system is similar to ones used in Tama, in the Tokyo Metropolitan Region, and in Osaka, both visited by the Mayor in his Japan trip.